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Kids love the amazing moment Bakugan pop open and come to life! Now they can spin and attack to transform with the NEW Special Attack Bakugan! Plus, you can customize your Bakugan like never before with more than 20,000-character combinations!

An image showing kids playing with Bakugan brawl game with colourful cards placed on the table.

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Kickstart Your Adventure

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Learn how to play with the Bakugan Starter Pack.

This bad boy comes with two Bakugan and an all-new Special Attack Bakugan!

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Expand your collection with the Bakugan Battle Pack.

Bakugan Battle Packs come with three Bakugan and two all-new Special Attack Bakugan.

An image showing kids playing with Bakugan Battle Arena toys placed on a table.

Brawl for it all with the Bakugan Battle Arena.

The Bakugan Battle Arena comes with tons of accessories and an exclusive Titanium Drago!

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3...2...1...Bakugannn BRAWL!

Bakugan is the awesomest new battling game on the planet! With figs you can combine and brawl into over 20,000 combos. So rip or roll into battle and feel the power of new Bakugan!

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