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Intermediate Brawler How-To

This video will have you battling like an Intermediate Bakugan Brawler in no time. Here are a few things this video covers:

1) Bakugan brawls can be won or lost based on score.

2) Every Bakugan comes with a Character Card, and Special Attack figures also come with a Special Attack Card that helps you determine score.

3) Your final score depends on your Bakugan’s scoring potential AND where your Bakugan lands on the Gate Cards.

4) To win a Bakugan battle you’ve gotta beat your opponent in a brawl with each of your 3 Bakugan. Bakugannn BRAWL!

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Master Brawler How-To

When you're ready to take your brawls to another level, check out our Bakugan Master Brawler video! Bakugannn BRAWL!

1) Bakugan is played as a series of Brawls.

2) A Brawl is when both players select one of their three Bakugan toys to simultaneously roll, spin, or launch onto Gate cards.

3) Bakugan that open on a Gate card will have a score based on what area of the Gate card they land on

4) The Bakugan in the Brawl with the highest score wins the Brawl.

5) Players must win a Brawl with each of their three Bakugan to win the game.