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Battle like you’ve never battled before!

Attention Brawl Nation! The new Bakugan anime is packed with characters and battles you won't want to miss! Stream new episodes on Netflix, then bring the action home with new Bakugan toys!


Catch new episodes on Netflix!

The battle is on, and Netflix is the place to be! When you're caught up streaming the latest episodes, check out our YouTube channel for even more content.

Follow us on YouTube! Full episodes coming soon on Netflix.Netflix.

A picture of people playing Bakugan Brawl game.


3...2...1...Bakugannn BRAWL!

Bakugan is the most exciting new battling game on the planet! With figures you can combine and brawl into over 20,000 combinations. So rip or roll into battle, and feel the power of new Bakugan!

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The Battle Never
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