Season 2 - Armored Alliance Update is here!

The Bakugan Fan Hub mobile app has had a BIG update! Here's what's new in 2.0.0.

Baku-Brawl Game
- New Baku-Brawl Game design features 30 collectible pieces of Baku-gear for Season 2
- New Baku-Gear game mechanics including 5 new attributes: B-Power Boost, Synergy, Increased change to open, Baku-Core Effect Modifier, and Re-roll
- Playable levels increased from 30 to 70
- 5 new opponents added
- 30 new playable Bakugan characters added
- New & improved user interface elements

- 70+ new Season 2 Bakugan added to the Baku-Log
- Back-end and front-end improvements help you research & track the ever-growing collection which now includes 250+ Bakugan
- Differentiate between Season 1 and Season 2 versions of the same characters
- Improved UI displays your custom sort filters

- Artwork updated throughout the app for Season 2
- Added 10 new brawlers & villains images & text descriptions to the Bakugan World section
- Brawlers details linked to their related Bakugan
- Bug fixes & usability improvements

Only on Nintendo Switch

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